Welding equipment and consumables

18Welding - the formation of permanent connection materials by mechanical, thermal or thermo mechanical impact. Today, there are about fifty welding technology - electric arc, laser, plasma, gas, contact, etc. We offer a wide range of various welding equipment, welding machines, different types of electrodes, power and welding cables, welding equipment, equipment for resistance and spot welding. Welding consumables market is constantly evolving, offering more and more new products. With the continuous development of the consumer requires reliable and regular supplier that can assist in the selection and quality of the equipment.


  • Welding machines
  • Welding consumables
  • Welding electrodes
  • Tungsten Electrodes
  • Welding Tig Rod
  • Welding gloves
  • Argon gloves
  • Welding glasses
  • Welding cable
  • Welding tip
  • Collet
  • Collet body
  • Ceramic cup
  • Oxygen hose
  • Propane hose
  • Diesel - generators
  • Trolley for welding cylinders