Polyester webbing sling belt

pppppThe main purpose of any straps - provide a secure grip on the load of any shape and weight in the performance of all kinds of work in loading / unloading and movement of goods, ensuring their own safety at minimum weight. The widespread use of slings and their variations found in the construction, installation, handling and other industrial jobs in any economic sector, warehouses, transport, when the rigging of any level of complexity in the ports and railway terminals - almost all sites where used rigging, cranes and other lifting equipment. Depending on the type of material and design features may be used while performing work in various weather and other environmental conditions, when the outside temperature in the range of up to + 4000C -400S


  • Webbing sling single-layer
  • Webbing sling double-layer
  • Webbing sling triple-layer
  • Webbing sling four-layer
  • Round webbing sling single-layer
  • Round webbing sling double-layer
  • Slings cargo mats for traverse suspension