About us

Our company is active in Kazakhstan since 2011, and is one of the dynamically growing companies in the field of complex supplies for Construction companies, Mining and Oil & Gas industries. We carry a wide range of hoisting accessories, hoisting equipment, construction consumable materials, welding consumables and equipment, industrial products, PPE, etc. This allows us to provide a wide range of materials that meet the high requirements of the Customer.The product listing on the web is partial and is not limited by that. The main parts of our products are manufactured in factories of Europe.We apply our extensive knowledge and industry experience to ensure our customers get the best possible service and quality of product.

Our objective is to provide a best service not only offering high quality products at a good price, but also do our best to provide necessary support and technical advice.



Our Mission is to be a leading trading house as a provider of quality products of reputed brands conforms to the standards and proven quality. Ensure a mutually beneficial relationship with the customer and provide our world-class products. Satisfy our customers by supplying quality products for the oil, gas and construction industries.



We are open, honest and reliable partner.


Our service is based on our experience.